Maine’s 2014 Gubernatorial Race

As a 16-year-old in the state of Maine I cannot vote for another two years but there is no age limit on opinions.
So far there are two declared candidates for the job. The first is the residing Paul LePage whose career as governor has been tainted by his blunt wording and stout opposition to anything less than conservative. Second is the Millinocket resident and federal House Representative Mike Michaud.
While both are technically qualified for the job, only one really stands as a leader who is truly invested in Maine’s past and in-the-making history. That would be Mr. Michaud.


Veazie Dam Removal 2013

Let me tell you a story that illustrates my stance a little better. It all started this summer with my group project leader at Trio Upward Bound. He told us about the removal of the Veazie dam which aside from its historical impact, was perfect for us as we were designing a modern (Eco-friendly) dam. As soon as I arrived at the event I was immediately hit with a sense of the warm Maine community. Everyone was talking and making connections when the facilitator of the event came and ushered the crowd’s attention to the stage.

After enjoying a Native American drum circle performing traditional music, various speakers fulfill their title and talk about the event, it’s importance and the countless hours that went into the project. What really struck me here was Mike Michaud was the only powerful Maine politician who gave a speech, not from within a letter one of his staff read on stage, but in person. Now I’m not saying the other politicians are lazy or un-dedicated but Mr. Michaud really exemplified his love for everything Maine, by making time in his complex and demanding schedule for the event.
Take away – Michaud 2014!


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