President Obama

President Obama

Outside Lyndon B. Johnson room in the Capitol, after Obama had given a speech to the Republicans about Syria. I talked to his head personal assistant who was waiting outside the luncheon when in session about Nantucket and House of Cards. After about an hour he offered to get us a picture and we obliged.


2 thoughts on “President Obama

  1. Found your blog searching through the inter workings of the internet trying to find more information about the page program. I’m applying for the fall, and possibly spring of next year for the program. I’m a sophomore from Montana and I think the experience would be incredible. I would love to hear more about your experience. What classes were offered and what did you take? What did you do on the weekends? Was there much freedom? I have a couple friends there now (fort the spring semester).

    • Sorry for taking so long!

      Freedom is only on weekends but you get a good amount. YOu can check out until 9 and only need one person with you to go anywhere. Other than that though freedom is kept at a minimum. Classes include US history, American literature, Composition and literature, chem, physics, algebra II, precalc, and calc. On weekends I would go out to a restaurant with my friends saturday night, do homework and visit museums. You should definitely apply!

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