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Beach Way Bicycle

Having come from one of the most regimented and overseen jobs available, I’ve decided at least for a while, that I wanted to avoid the bad boss experience. This in mind I realized the only way this was possible was to work for my father building houses, at least my boss is a blood relative or to start a business, I went with the latter. Its nothing too complicated, but within my horizons, a simple bike rental. Starting a business had been a nagging thought in my mind ever since I got back from D.C. and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. The idea of a rental business was solidly in my head for whatever reason and started with dune buggies, then it turned to electric bikes, then to surfing equipment, and finally to the classic bicycle. Here on Nantucket we have 4 established bike rental businesses and if I were to open a generic store it might find adequate demand given the booming tourist industry but it wouldn’t be anything special. Knowing this I started to think about the costs associated with a bike rental business, employee wages, personal expenses and a few others. I figured that I could start with just myself as an employee so check, I’m a junior in highschool so bills and personal expenses are at a least another check, that’s two overhead saving characteristic with my business, off to a good start.

The real ground breaker came when I was visiting my girlfriend and her family of entrepreneurs. Talking to her father, a successful public relations business owner, about the idea of giving hotel customers a discounted price to further entice hotels to partner with my rental service. I would cut the remaining overhead costs and they would get a competitive edge on their competitors with a cheap bike rental service. And with my almost 0% overhead I can pass on the saving to the customer and undercut local bike rental competition. From here, in a frenzy I purchased business cards, transaction devices, decals and contacted some of the many hotels here on island to pleasant and excited responses.

At this point in development I am awaiting the specifics with a few local hotels and number of bikes to buy, and will be opening up shop soon after school is out, if all continues the course. If you’d like to visit my website I would much appreciate feedback!



LD 730, Interesting Bill for Maine Fishermen and Enviromentalists

MPBN covering the LD 730 bill hearing, banning deadly lead sinkers of a certain size, I was one of the featured speakers near the end, along with a few other concerned citizens – and one VERY concerned fisherman/constitutionalist.

Speaking In Augusta to Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife on behalf of LD 730 - Banning lead sinkers to save our Loons. Its law now!

Speaking In Augusta to Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife on behalf of LD 730 – Banning lead sinkers to save our Loons. Its law now!

Maine Sportsmen and Conservationists at Odds Over Loon Protection Bill.