Finished My Time as a Senate Page

Today is January 25th, the first day back from the program. During my pageship I was instructed to stop blogging and the possibility of my excusal from the program was an ever present sword of Damocles. However, I have my diploma in hand and am able to write about whatever I so choose once again! 

Would I recommend the program? 

Absolutely, but to get through it in its entirety you have to genuinely want to better yourself and build character, waking up at 5 every weekday gets tiresome if you don’t look at it like character building exercise. In addition to this an interest in politics helps when working 40-60 hours a week in the senate. I always found time moving quicker sitting in the chamber when a Senator was speaking, but I know of others who found it excruciating and they had a much harder time. And of course strong academics are a must as the schooling is taught by no nonsense professeurs who have had a long and accomplished career in their respective field’s.

There are a lot of benefits like connections, having a foot in the door of the Capitol, and college appreciation but the strongest benefit is self improvement. With so much stress, bad bosses, and new problems to face, the pages bond together and support one another in the end making life long friends and a stronger version of yourself. 

Things I personally learned during the program?

That talking too and shaking everyone’s hand s incredibly important, playing into the whole connections bit. This coupled with being goofy, just having a good time and bending a few rules with friends really makes things easier and keeps you from getting a big head.