If You’re Into Economics

Shown to me by my high school history teacher, Econ Talk has fast become my favorite podcast and has taught me more than any high school Economics 101 or political class would have, had they been offered at my school. It’s great for students and adults alike that want to learn more about economics and/or politics.

The podcast is set up almost like 60 minutes, with Russ Roberts (the host) having a conversation ranging anywhere from India’s economic past to the American Constitution to GDP’s effect on national happiness, with a professional who usually has just recently written a piece of literature in the subject area. They take you on a journey into the subject, highlighting key components to the problem, and above all making a complex economic idea into something understandable to people not as learned in economics.

One of my favorites I would definitely check out is “Kling on the Three Languages of Politics”. It outlines the thinking behind Liberalism, Conservatism and Libertarianism in a light that really opens your eyes. It makes you understand the thinking behind the other guys process.

You can listen without a cost at http://www.econtalk.org or if you have an iPod or iPhone download it with the podcast app.