First Day Of School! (and last)

Todays the first and last day of school for the school I will not be attending, which saddens me. Currently I’m sitting in the writing center with nothing to do except the very best activity, blogging of course.

As my subscribers I hope know by now, I will be attending the Senate Page school for the first semester, but because we live in a beautifully bureaucratic society earlier today I had many papers to fill out with teachers and of course goodbyes to say at my “normal” school – Nokomis Regional High. 


My Writing Center “Office” I’m writing this from (Its a slow day on the first day of school)

I sit here now after my papers have been filled out and my goodbyes have all been said, in the last period of the day and I am reflecting. Reflecting on all of the great classes I will be missing. Greatness being caused by a formidable combo of great students AND great teachers. Nonetheless I am incredibly excited to be experiencing Washington and am sure the classes will be top notch. Its always hard to make big changes like this in life I have found, even at the tender age of 16, but always seem to work out.